Catalysts, emission control systems and catalyst recycling

Combine our products to highly efficient systems and service to reduce toxic emissions and secondary waste



Oxidation and SCR catalysts

Our oxidation, ammonia slip and SCR catalysts are designed to reduce toxic emissions from diesel engines, gas turbines or other combustion processes. Each application requires a specific design to ensure sustainable and long lasting activity.

Denox System

New emission control regulations require the reduction of NOx at low temperatures. To avoid deposits from condensed urea decomposition products inside the flue gas pipe at low temperatures, we use our reactor to hydrolyse urea outside of the flue gas pipe. This allows us to start the SCR reaction at flue gas temperatures of 150°C. The system is small enough to retro-fit on passenger vehicles.

SCR Catalyst recycling

With our SCR catalyst recycling process we are worldwide the first company to offer environmentally friendly disposal of used SCR catalysts. This includes catalysts from power plants, stationary and marine engines as well as from the automotive sector.