Real Driving Emissions
getting ready for future requirements

Your advantages

  • Design of innovative SCR systems for engines
  • Adaption of retrofittable SCR systems to existing engines
  • Minimization of SCR catalyst replacement costs
  • Elimination of ammonia emissions due to catalyst malfunction

Our innovative SCR systems are designed to be retrofitted to existing engines. Simple, but efficient injection systems for the reducing agent, the absence of NOx sensors lead to a cost competitive option for retro-fitting SCR systems to passenger vehicles.

Our unique feature offers you a fast and efficient update of EURO 5 und EURO 6 vehicles by combining our in-house assets:

  • DeNOx control unit
  • Catalyst production facility (SCR, ASC and Oxidation catalysts)
  • FTIR PEMS for detecting NH3 and N2O by hot sampling
  • Car and metal workshop
  • more than 10 years experience in SCR technology

In case of interest, please contact us.