of chemically deactivated SCR Catalysts

Process Benefits

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly Recycling Process
  • Minimization of Disposal Costs
  • Re-use of recycled powder for coating or extrusion of new SCR Catalysts

By the new and innovative recycling process we are able to recover raw materials from chemically deactivated SCR catalysts. These raw materials can be used to produce new coated or extruded SCR catalysts.

The recycling of chemically deactivated SCR catalysts offers a new sustainable path to prevent a potential environmental impact by disposing used catalysts in landfills or similar storages. By recycling the raw materials and re-use these for producing new SCR catalysts a closed raw-material circuit is generated.

Compared to the common regeneration of used SCR catalysts by mechanical cleaning and impregnating our recycled raw materials can be used to produce SCR catalysts that have similar properties as new ones. They do not show a fast deactivation or high SO2 conversion rate which might be the case using regenerated SCR catalysts.