SCR retro-fit
realizing lowest NOx emissions by SCR hardware retro-fit

Applicable for

  • light passenger vehicles
  • busses and light duty diesel
  • industrial engines




Our innovative SCR systems are designed to be retrofitted to existing engines. Simple, but efficient injection systems for the reducing agent, the absence of NOx sensors lead to a cost competitive option for retro-fitting SCR systems to passenger vehicles.

Our unique feature offers you a fast and efficient update of EURO 5 und EURO 6 vehicles or industrial diesel engines by combining our in-house assets:

  • DeNOx control unit
  • Catalyst production facility (SCR, ASC and Oxidation catalysts)
  • FTIR PEMS for detecting NH3 and N2O by hot sampling
  • Car and metal workshop
  • more than 10 years experience in SCR technology

In case of interest, please contact us.