SCR retro-fit on Audi A3 2.0 TDI
SCR hardware retro-fit leads to 80mg/km NOx emissions on the road

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Hardware-Retro-Fit (SCR for LPV) @ low system cost


Our SCR micro-system reduces the NOx emissions of passenger vehicles up to 91% under real driving conditions.

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SCR Catalysts


Our new SCR catalyst show an excellent low-temperature behavior as well as a low formation of N2O

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Innovation and Competence

Focussed on emission control technologies we offer solutions to keep current and future emission limits for engines, passenger vehicles, trucks and coal fired power plants. The combination of our products leads to highly efficient systems that work sustainable and long lasting. EURO6, TIER4 or similar regulations require new technologies that we can provide.

In Bamberg (Germany) you find us directly located at the harbor with total working area of 1,250m2. In Bucharest (Romania) our engineering office is located in the Prosper Complex Sector 5. 

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