SCR catalysts
Catalysts for Selective Catalytic Reduction

Selected fields of application

  • Coal-fired Powerplants
  • Waste Incinerators
  • Biomass Boilers
  • Stationary Engines
  • Gas Turbines

We supply SCR plate catalysts as well as honeycomb catalysts

The SCR plate catalysts are used in high-dust environments typically in coal fired power plants or waste incinerators with dust contents up to 100g/Nm3. Specific composition will ensure the required operational characteristics of the catalysts.

The SCR honeycomb catalysts can be used in tail-end configuration of large combustion systems or in stationary engines or gas turbines. Especially in applications where the chemical lifetime of the catalysts is limited due to the flue gas composition (e.g. bio-oil engines) our SCR catalysts show an economically advantageous compared to fully extruded SCR catalysts.